International Network "Education, Didactics, Psycho-Pedagogy"

The INEDP tries to be a voice in the world of science education. It wants to be a bridges the gap between researchers, trainers and teachers, in education, in didactic and in psycho-pedagogy.
The INEDP provides a means for, clubs, forums, associations, institutions, museum/centres, organisms, foundations, companies, and individuals concerned with science education to share results, analysis, perspectives, concerns, ideas, and information that will foster cooperative efforts to improve science education, and which will serve to the advancement of science education, didactic, psychology and pedagogy throughout the world
It will serve as a medium to:
- Find and contact researchers, trainers, teachers, researcher teams, organisms and associations concerned with science education;
- Present theoretical and practical research relevant to educational practice, guided by educational realities in schools, colleges, universities and in structures and systems of non-formal education.

Séminaire ATDM

Sixième Séminaire Tunisien de Didactique des Mathématiques

La didactique des Mathématiques en Tunisie

"La Recherche en didactique des mathématiques et l’action : Quelles possibilités ? Quelles ressources ?"


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IOSTE XV International Symposium

Science & Technology Education for Development, Citizenship and Social Justice
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